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2018 Arnold Bennett Prize

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The Arnold Bennett Prize was inaugurated in 2017 and the winner was John Lancaster with his poetry anthology, Potters: A Division of Labour.

John was handed his £500 prize by John Shapcott and broadcaster and journalist Samira Ahmed who had earlier given a lecture entitled ‘What can Arnold Bennett Teach Brexit Britain.

John, a former Hanley High School pupil who went on to become a town planner in North Staffordshire, said the poems were all based on his time working at Meakins in Tunstall back in 1964.

Here is a sample: 

Doris, The Cup Handler by John Lancaster

The six-foot lump with hands like spades

deftly joins up cup and handle

as only seconds slip

into eight hours

of joining up cups and handles

with endless fags and talk

of bingo, television

and sex,

yelling down the shop

o the blushing young under-manager

‘Come ‘ere and let me see

if your rhubarb wants pullin’!’

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