The study and appreciation of the life, works and times of Arnold Bennett

Anita Miller (1977) New York: Garland Publishing

Anita Miller (1977)

Arnold Bennett: An Annotated Bibliography 1887-1932. (New York: Garland Publishing)


A Note by Frank Swinnerton; Foreword by James Hepburn; Preface; Introduction; Acknowledgements; Contributions to Periodicals; Catalogue of Books Published; Titles of Contributions to Periodicals; Index of Names Mentioned; Index of Theatres, Schools and Public Places; Index of Military and Government Concerns; Index of Works, Periodicals and Presses Mentioned; Appendix to Index of Works, Periodicals and Presses Mentioned; Index to Periodicals.


Believed to have been published without a dust jacket. This 787 page bibliography is a significant resource. The key section, pages 1-620, is a chronological list of the 2815 contributions by Bennett to various periodicals. Subsequent research has located a number of additional articles and short stories written by Bennett and further periodicals containing his writings.

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