The study and appreciation of the life, works and times of Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett’s Uncollected Short Stories 1892-1932

Edited and with and Introduction by John Shapcott

Published together for the first time, these stories are a valuable and entertaining addition to the Arnold Bennett canon.  They offer a treasure house of gems taken from the Golden Age of magazine short story.

Spanning forty years from lat-Victoria Britain to the 1930s Depression, they take us on a journey form London to the Potteries and to the far South West.  As we ravel we rad of lost love, ghostly mysteries, terrorist plots, murder, marital discord, war-time profiteering, social high-jinks, romance – the whole range of life as seen through the eyes of a master craftsman.

The inclusion of many of the original magazine illustrations provides an additional pleasure.

The Introduction and Notes help to place Bennett’s stories in the context of British literary, social and political life of the time, opening up a wealth of new material for further exploration by scholars.  Above all else, they add to “the great cause of cheering us all up”.

“I am delighted to see my Grandfather’s stores so lovingly restored.  This is also an import work of scholarship”.

Denis Eldin, President of the Arnold Bennett Society

Available from ISBN 9781904546740

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