The study and appreciation of the life, works and times of Arnold Bennett

Lord Dover & Other Lost Stories edited by John Shapcott

Published in America in 1905 but lost until now, ‘Lord Dover’ is a full-length story about the adventures of a young lord who suffers financial misfortune and becomes vale to Jack Stout, one of Arnold Bennett’s portraits of a ‘Card’.  This is a major addition to the Bennett canon.

Another exciting and value find is one of the earliest of Bennett’s Five Towns Tales, ‘Stella’s Journey’.  This was discovered in a New Zealand newspaper published in 1901.  Its inclusion in this collection is its first publication in England.

To complete the trio of lost stairs, ‘The Clock’. also from 1905, has all the characteristics of a typical Five Towns Tale, featuring a miser and an attempted robbery.

The variety of stories included in this second volume of Arnold Bennett’s uncollected stories is impressive and entertaining.  They include a Christmas romance, a train high-jacked by a jealous lover, and the answer to ‘What Men Want’.  A real bonus is the appearance of Bennett’s first ever magazine story, the prize-winning mad-cap parody, ‘What’s Bred In the Bone’, in Tit-Bits, 1891.

The book includes many of the original magazine illustrations.

Available from ISBN 9781904546818

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