The study and appreciation of the life, works and times of Arnold Bennett


Clayhanger edited by Martin Laux & John Shapcott

Edwin Clayhanger stood on the steep-sloping, red-bricked canal bridge, in the valley between Bursley and its suburb Hillport. In that neighbourhood the Knype and Mersey canal formed the western boundary of the industrialism of the Five Towns. To the east rose pitheads, chimneys, and kilns, tier above tier, dim in their own mists. To the […]

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Arnold Bennett’s Uncollected Short Stories 1892-1932

Edited and with and Introduction by John Shapcott Published together for the first time, these stories are a valuable and entertaining addition to the Arnold Bennett canon.  They offer a treasure house of gems taken from the Golden Age of magazine short story. Spanning forty years from lat-Victoria Britain to the 1930s Depression, they take […]

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Leonora edited by John Shapcott

‘She was walking, with her customary air of haughty and rapt leisure, across the market-place of Bursley, when she observed in front of her, at the top of Oldcastle Street, two men conversing and gesticulating vehemently, each seated alone in a dog-cart. In Leonora Arnold Bennett depicts the emotional fortunes of his beautiful heroine as […]

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The Pretty Lady edited by John Shapcott

There is no finer novel of civilian life during The Great War than Arnold Bennett’s The Pretty Lady. Written during the conflict itself, it has the narrative thrust of great storytelling together with the sensationalism of popular journalism. The book became a bestseller in 1918, despite calls for it to be banned for undermining public […]

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A Man from the North (Book Cover)

A Man from the North edited by John Shapcott

There grows in the North Country a certain kind of youth of whom it may be said that he is born to be a Londoner.  The metropolis, and everything that appertains to it, that comes down from it, that goes up into it, has for him an imperious fascination.  Long before schooldays are over he […]

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The Wedding Dress edited by John Shapcott

Arnold Bennett’s daughter discovered the manuscript of The Wedding Dress in a drawer at her Paris home in 1984.  This lost work is now published for the first time. Bennett wrote The Wedding Dress in 1921 as a novel, and as a film scenario, for a major American film company, but it never went into […]

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Lord Dover & Other Lost Stories edited by John Shapcott

Published in America in 1905 but lost until now, ‘Lord Dover’ is a full-length story about the adventures of a young lord who suffers financial misfortune and becomes vale to Jack Stout, one of Arnold Bennett’s portraits of a ‘Card’.  This is a major addition to the Bennett canon. Another exciting and value find is […]

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An Arnold Bennett Companion edited by John Shapcott

Contributors: David Amigoni – Professor of Victorian Literature at Keele University & Head of the School of Humanities. Sharon Crozier-De-Rosa – Lecturer in History at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Catherine Goodwin – Head of Research and Digitisation / Project Manager, Your Sculpture. The Public Catalogue Foundation Fred Hughes – Local Historian who specialises in North Staffordshire’s […]

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The Old Wives Tale (Book Cover)

The Old Wives Tale edited by John Shapcott

Those two girls, Constance and Sophia Baines, paid no heed to the manifold interest of their situation, of which, indeed, they had never been conscious

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Helen With The High Hand foreword by John Shapcott

Written as light entertainment, Arnold Bennett’s Helen With The High Hand was published in 1910, having previously been serialised in 1909 in the Staffordshire Sentinel.  Appearing between those two great masterpieces The Old Wives’ Tale (1908) and Clayhanger (1910), it is proof of Bennett’s astounding ability to write prolifically and across genres. Bennett’s portrait of […]

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