The study and appreciation of the life, works and times of Arnold Bennett

The Wedding Dress – Edited by John Shapcott

The story behind the first publication of Arnold Bennett’s film scenario, and subsequent novel, The Wedding Dress, has its origins quite literally in a romance of the archive.  Writing about the fictional portrayal of literary archives in Romance of the Archive in Contemporary British Fiction (2001), Suzanne Keene warns that whilst ‘all romances of the archives have something to say about the proper use of the past…they do not all agree with one another about what happened or what is meant’ and that ‘disagreements about what to do with discoveries are no less contentious’ (P.10) The archival romance that unfolds here, however, is one of undisputed fact, with its fair share of muster some, some basic detective work, and an entirely happy non-contentious outcome. 

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