The study and appreciation of the life, works and times of Arnold Bennett

Zoom talk 20 March 2021

Article Written:

A big thank you to Alan Pedley for a most interesting talk today.  A total of 50 members and friends registered, a few didn’t quite make it, but thanks to those who did.  

Alan explored Bennett’s alter egos, from A Man from the North to Imperial Palace with many others in between.

It is good to see many of you joining in the Q&A at the end. 

A full transcript of Alan’s talk will appear in the next edition of the society’s newsletter

Elizabeth Leslie will give our next talk on Saturday 17 April starting at 2pm. 

Elizabeth’s  talk is entitled “ He’s identified,” said the first speaker, “with the great cause of cheering us all up”, so, be prepared to be cheered up. 

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