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Mary Bennett

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It is with sadness that we announce the death of ABS member Mary Bennett. Mary was a long-standing member of the society. A full obituary will appear in the next edition of the newsletter. Mary was a teacher and also wrote poetry. This was the last poem we received from Mary in March 2020.

ISOLATION 2 March 2020 Mary Bennett

Sitting alone on the old white bench

what do I see ?

Looking up, the broad stretch of the sky

arcs over me,

blue, no vapour trails, no clouds lower,

to mar this pure, cerulean depth of colour.

A buzzard hovers high,

I hear faintly, its distant, mewling cry.

Sitting alone on the old , white bench,

what do I see ?

My gaze lowers, to the faintest haze 

of yellow-green, a breath of colour,

barely touching the birch trees beyond the fence

Lower still, Spring colour sings

in Liz’s hanging basket

and the bright, tomato red

of a watering can , catches my eye,

from the table, where Rob left it,

instead of in its home in the shed.

Sitting alone, on the old white bench

what do I see?

I see fattening buds on New Dawn,

a sweetly scented rose

and shapely orange tulips..

Over there, the yellow ones, un-named.

Roy gave me them, before he died,

“I’m sorry, they’re not red,,” he said.

I remember now, the worried smile on his lips,

that September.

Sitting alone on the old white bench,

what do I see?

A butterfly comes flitting by, choosing

to land, wings spread, on the pale primroses,

with their open, friendly faces.

Sitting , feeding on nectar

before resuming its erratic dance.

A fat bumble bee alerts me with its buzz

heading too, for the pale primrose.

Sitting alone, on the old white bench,

what do I see?

A breeze stirs the leaves to whisper

in the shrubs, by the wall

carries the heady scent of hyacinths.

the chatter, chatter of sparrows errupting

from their favourite congregating point,

discussing their views of sparrow news,

tilll dusk falls,quite late.

I sit alone on the old white bench,

alone but not lonely,

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