The study and appreciation of the life, works and times of Arnold Bennett

Spring 2020 Volume 6. No. 8

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None of us could have imagined, when our last issue went to press, how different the world would look today.  As we shelter in place, all over the world, the future remains uncertain.  What the long term will bring none of us knows.

The unavoidable cancellation of Society -sponsored events, announced at the start of this issue by Leslie Powner, the Chair of the Trustees, will be disappointing to any number of Society members. …

Randi Saloman


The Society’s 202 Programme of Events, by Leslie Powner

Literary Taste Blogging, by Colin Fisher

Worker, Realist Non-sentimentalist – Bennett’s views on Anthony Trollope, by Leslie Powner

How I came to read Bennett, by Hector Emanuelli

Introducing Bennett to a New Generation of Readers, by Carol Gorton

Meet our new Social Secretary, by Carole Cregan

The December Literary Lunch: Martin Tideswell by Catherine Burgass

The February Talk: Roger Bloor, by Catherine Burgass

The Bennett Quiz (No. 5 ), by Leslie Powner

Textiles Stories Study Day: From the Cradle to the Grave, by Liz Noon-Wright

Review of Backlisted Podcast Episode 107 – ‘Arnold Bennett: Riceyman Steps‘ by Alan Pedley

Review of Amanda Lee Koe, Delayed Rays of a Star, by John Shapcott

Review of Angharad Saunders, Place and the Scene of Literary Practice, by Catherine Burgass


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